MPowered Education

We teach adult education classes that empower. Whether it's creative writing where you learn to tell your story and get published or a prevention class that can help you reduce the risk of child abuse.

Classes are available in Charlotte County, New Brunswick
and Washington County, Maine. 

Classes are also available online.

April is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month!

If your organization works with children, you and your staff are already mandated reporters.

Being unaware of what to look for is not an excuse. Most people truly don't know how to spot signs of abuse. Let us educate and empower you to put a stop to child sexual abuse. 

Book a workshop today and let us come to your organization. We provide an interactive workbook and start a valuable conversation that could save 
a child's life.

    Sessions are $30 CDN per person but group rates are available to match your training budget

We can also provide Mandated Reporter training. Certificates of completion provided. To find a trainer near you or to take the training online for FREE, visit the page or click HERE

Email, call or text today!

mpowermaine at gmail dot com
Call or text 207-572-5172 for more information. 

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