Ounce of Prevention

Ounce of Prevention is an innovative, proactive look at healing, prevention and empowerment.  Host Vickie Morgan interviews a variety of knowledgable and engaging guests who care about the world around them and who strive to make things better by helping others in their own unique ways.

Ounce of Prevention can be seen on public access stations around the United States in ME, MA, VT, CT, IN, NH, MI, VA and CA. We are so pleased to add the entire province of New Brunswick to that list via CHCO tv. Thank you for watching!

If you'd like to be a guest on Ounce of Prevention and you happen to live or work in Charlotte County, New Brunswick or Washington County, Maine, get in touch!  We also travel to Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland!

Episode 1
Pat Proulx-Lough talks about the Juvenile Offender 

Rehab Program in Maine


Episode 2

Dr. Dustin Sulak talks about PTSD and the benefits 
of medicinal marijuana

Episode 3

Don & Al Doane talk about mental health and music as therapy

Episode 4

Alan Doyle talks about mental health and #GoBlueDay


Episode 5 
The Squid Jiggers send their musical apologies for not being able to play at the MPower Miles for Smiles walk on April 23.

Episode 6
Stephanie Biggs, owner of Kosmetikos Spa, talks about energy healing and shows us how it's done!

Episode 7
Chief of Police Janine Roberts talks about child abuse prevention and what she has to say about who to report to when you suspect abuse might surprise you!

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